Welcome to Open Source Recycling

We are a non-profit organization located in Charlottesville, VA. We provide free computer hardware and education to the community through the use of open source software. Owning a computer is a necessity in our society today, but new computers are expensive, and many people can not afford one. At the same time, thousands of perfectly good computers are discarded every day as people upgrade to newer models.

That’s where Open Source Recycling comes in. When people donate their used computer systems to us, We erase the hard drive, replace any broken components, install a new operating system, and then give the machine to someone without a computer. We feel that reuse is the best form of recycling, but if something donated to us is completely broken, we recycle it properly so that it won’t end up in a land fill, and the raw materials it is made of will be reclaimed.

Saturday Evening Meetings

We are available 6pm to 8pm every Saturday to help people learn how to use the computers they get from us. We will have several systems set up for you to use, but feel free to bring in your own computer to work on.