OSR will be open again soon in a new location!

We’ve found a new location for OSR, but we’ve got a lot of work to do getting the space ready before we can open back up for 2018. We’ll announce the date and location when we have everything setup.

3 Replies to “OSR will be open again soon in a new location!”

  1. Thanks to Louis and all his volunteers who have distributed used (made new) computers to our students who cannot afford to buy one. We appreciate it more than you can know.

    Kathy Garrou
    Outreach Specialist

  2. Louis,

    We appreciate the help you have given our students by providing training and a
    computer. We have students who still need computers so we will wait anxiously
    to find your new location.
    We do so appreciate your willingness to offer this service.
    Kathy at ALCenter TJACE

  3. Hi Louis!
    I am happy you have finally found a play, to work and do your calling!..
    If I can help in any way pleas don’t hesitate to call.
    I do need some work on this laptop. The battery light keeps coming on.
    You do such good work, don’t forget to keep me informed of the new
    location!.. Good luck!!..

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